Marriage in the Kingdom

I love the word "kingdom." I think it sounds cool. It speaks of dynasty, empires, kingly rulers and warriors. As a man, I've discovered that the kingdom of God must be fought for, won, and then protected with vigilant rule. The casting call in my marriage would have me be the knight, my wife the beautiful maiden under my protection,…

Being Brave in Being You

Reality struck me like a lightning bolt when the gospel message pierced my soul forty years ago. I was in the dregs of misery, a life without Christ, searching for meaning. I hardly knew who I was and what I did know, I didn't like very much.  Jesus embraced me "as is" and the knowledge that He had been pursuing…

Mystery Incarnate

In looking back over six decades of life, I find the path behind me strewn with clarity. God is faithful.  How could I have ever doubted? Yet when I am hedged in by difficult circumstances and unanswered questions, not knowing the end of my current story can feel lethal. Mysteries in life abound. Flannery O’Connor said that “mystery as it is…

Marry the Right Person


Overcome Every Obstacle


Succeed in Love


Singles: marry the right person, for the right reasons.

Husbands & Wives: contend for fresh, eternal vision in your marriage.

Succeed in love, by pouring out your lives for Jesus and one another.



Mike and Anne Rizzo have been in pastoral ministry for over thirty years and currently serve as directors of Marriage & Family Ministries at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri. They carry a passion for personal mentoring, teaching, and raising up marriages that exalt the name of Jesus. Mike and Anne have three grown children and two grandchildren, and are the authors of Longing for Eden: Embracing God’s Vision in Your Marriage, and Vertical Marriage: A Godward Preparation for Life Together.





Gary Thomas – Author, Sacred Marriage and The Sacred Search



“Vertical Marriage is a weighty (I mean that in the best sense of the word), no-holds-barred approach to get your marriage started on the right spiritual footing. Wise and spiritually penetrating, this book is an ideal way to spiritually test your relationship and understand its biblical foundation. As an added treat, it also offers much practical, real-world advice to help you on the journey toward marital intimacy in all aspects. Highly recommended, especially for serious believers.”



Sara Hagerty – Author, “Unseen: The Gift of Being Hidden in a World That Loves to Be Noticed.”



“There is a great difference between a marriage that ‘gets by’ — and one that is lived in light of eternity. Mike and Anne Rizzo lift our vision here, with Vertical Marriage. Their own marriage is a testimony, and this book offers the reader a powerful blueprint for a beautiful union that will help any couple, young or old, to revive their perspective on deep partnership and worship.”