I was standing in my kitchen a few years ago, just relaxing with a cup of coffee, and heard these words in my mind: “The forward momentum pulls the back up. The push from the back releases the forward momentum.” Sensing a divine origin to the thoughts, I began to ponder.

I love to experience momentum, especially when it’s for an extended season. A positive catalyst, a force working on my behalf, is most welcome. Reminds me of the moving walkways found in certain airports, which I like to refer to as “horizontal escalators.” You’re still walking, but also being carried along. This reflects the vital partnership we have with God and the key to sustaining momentum in our spiritual lives.┬áDisciples, with the zeal of the Lord upon them, issue a daily mandate to their entire being: “Come on, we’re moving forward.” We have forward momentum, by walking in the Spirit. When it seems to be hindered, we conclude that there must be a root system in our past in need of healing. The diagnosis often sounds like this: “He, or she, needs inner healing.”

If we only focus on the forward momentum, being zealous disciples, we can produce a “showroom” Christianity. No one is allowed “in the back”, only in the front, polished, display area. This is generally not a malicious posture, only an ignorant one. (Which, by the way, is not a negative word. It simply means “lacking knowledge or awareness in a particular area.” Nobody knows everything!) On the other hand, if we only focus on the healing of our past, we can produce a “hospital” Christianity. One liability of the first scenario is the well-meaning Pharisee. He’s in the kingdom, born again, but a bit religious and out of touch with his reality. The second scenario can breed the profile of the victim. “I’d love to run the race but I’m too wounded. I need more healing so that I can obey God.”

Thus I seek to always be at the helm, oarsmen rowing (my consecration) while catching the wind in my sails (Holy Spirit), to combine as a daily motivation for life. This forward momentum speaks hope to my reluctant wounded parts. Its like someone is throwing me a lifeline and when I give a healthy tug I realize that it’s solidly anchored. This is a path, I conclude, that is worth taking a risk to follow. In the meantime, when the Spirit calls me below deck, it’s time to listen and respond. Reaching my forward maximum and sensing a weight within that’s hindering my speed, I must be willing to follow my Liberator. He has come “to proclaim liberty to the captives and the opening of the prison to those who are bound.” Rather than deny my captivity I choose to embrace the rescue process even if it means a journey of painful participation for a season.

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