small_218843986Have you ever decided to eat organic? It’s the most healthy and beneficial, without a doubt. Naturally (no pun intended) this requires discipline, much label reading, and it will cost you. On more than one occasion I’ve said to my wife, “I agree with your vision Hon, but we just can’t afford it.”

Over the years, we’ve made changes in our diet and continue to do so, in a progressive sort of way. Truth be told, I’m a few paces behind Anne. Well, perhaps “miles” would be more descriptive than “paces.” One example: twenty years ago my favorite snack was Doritos and Pepsi; contrasted with today’s fave of Kiefer water and organic popcorn with a side of almonds or cashews; plus, a few bites of Trader Joe’s 72% dark chocolate, imported from Belgium! (I’ve come a long way!)

small_205330673While organic food is on the living side, processed food leans toward the dead side. It has been altered from its natural state, has a longer shelf life (due to additives) and costs less, but in the end costs you more, health-wise. Little did I know that only (3) ingredients in Doritos comprise the tortilla chip, while (36) ingredients account for the coating that sticks to your hands; the most addictive of which is MSG. Perhaps our squirrel friend is deep in thought on this very subject.

Speaking of modifying real, live food stuff, we’ve all heard of GMOs. Genetically modified organisms contain genes that were inserted in the lab. Example: Corn or soybean plants may contain an inserted gene which would make the plant poisonous to certain insects. Without question, this increases the yield and profit of the crop; but, it’s been modified; its original¬†qualities have been altered and diminished. That being said, let’s move to a relational application.

God put all things under the feet of Christ and appointed Him as Head over the church, which is His body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all. (Ephesians 1:22-23) In that body, lives the full measure of Christ, with whom we have an organic relationship. This transcends symbolism or allegory; it’s real. We often settle for a functional relationship alone; i.e. Christ rules over the institution of the church and I am one of its members. Or, we accept a modified version that has a more attractive color, texture, taste, and shelf life. The “easiest” or “most entertaining” Christian walk must be the best one, right?

To understand “organic” in a relational way, consider the illustration of the human body. An arm, hand, foot, etc… has an organic relationship to the body because each member draws its life from the life of the body. I have an organic relationship to Jesus because my source of life is in Him.

I can’t resist the metaphor of “spiritual GMOs.” On my radar, this would be any additive that takes away from the vital, life-giving strength, that is mine in Christ. Modifications that cause me to drift from “true center”, are detrimental to my spiritual health and are to be avoided at all costs.

So what about the concept of an organic marriage? Husbands, love your wives as your own body. The husband who loves his wife loves himself. Guys, the wisest decision you’ll ever make is to¬†pursue connection with your wife. Declare war on every spiritual GMO that threatens your one flesh union. (Ephesians 5:28-33)

Wives: respect, honor, prefer, and esteem your husband. Pursue an inward adorning that emanates the charm of a gentle and quiet spirit. This is what “wins a man over” without a word. (1 Peter 3:1-4)

To be continued….