I am not a hiker by any means. But if I was, I would be concerned about the trails being properly marked. I did a little research. In the world of trail marking there is something called a “blaze.”

A blaze is a rectangle of paint in a prominent place along a trail. White-paint blazes two inches wide and six inches high mark the Appalachian Trail. (Which by the way is the nation’s longest marked trail – runs through 14 states and is over 2100 miles long.) Side trails and shelter trails use blue blazes; blazes of other colors and shapes mark other intersecting trails.

Wow! Experienced hikers understand what all that means. There’s another trail that behooves us to know its’ markers, and that is the spiritual journey we are on.

Last year, I celebrated my 40 year anniversary of being a follower of Christ. Yes, I’ve been on some trails and learned some life lessons. All disciples are called to travel; no such thing as a “stay at home disciple.”

I think one of the greatest secrets I’ve learned is found in the words of Jesus in Mark’s gospel. “But after I have risen I will go ahead of you into Galilee.” (14:28)

The times when I most intensely seek the Lord’s guidance is when I can’t see the way and I need a breakthrough. Those 40 years of experience have not earned me a “cruise control” faith that never wavers; but they have taught me that Jesus has gone ahead to prepare the way.

Looking for trail markings? Need a breakthrough today? Peruse with me three insights from the Word…

“The Breaker [the Messiah] will go up before them. They will break through, pass in through the gate and go out through it, and their King will pass on before them, the Lord at their head.” (Micah 2:13) Need blazes on your trail? Gates not opening for you? Call on the Breaker

“So [Israel] came up to Baal-perazim, and David smote [the Philistines] there. Then David said, God has broken my enemies by my hand, like the bursting forth of waters. Therefore they called the name of that place Baal-perazim [Lord of breaking through].” (1 Chronicles 14:11) I think it’s important to note here that we participate with the Lord in the breakthrough. He will break your enemies by your hand.

“And when she was in labor, one baby put out his hand; and the midwife took his hand and bound upon it a scarlet thread, saying, This baby was born first. But he drew back his hand, and behold, his brother was born first. And she said, What a breaking forth you have made for yourself! Therefore his name was called Perez [breaking forth].” (Genesis 38:28-29)

I love the words of the midwife: What a breaking forth you have made for yourself! (Perez, the child by Judah and Tamar, is listed in the genealogy of Christ. Matthew 1:3)

Trust Him today to birth His promises in and through your life. Trust Him for the breakthrough.

Jesus always goes on ahead, leaving us a trail to follow.