It is unequivocally stated in God’s word that we are made in His image. “God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” The plural context, “us” and “our”, is believed by most to refer to the Trinity, or the Godhead. In The Creation Answer Book, Hank Hanegraaf writes: “In the immediate context, the man is said to be created in plurality (male and female), thus forging the finite relationship of a man and a woman in the image of infinite relationships within the Godhead.” I love the depth of that statement; draws me in to ponder.

Moving on from the glorious heights of the above paragraph, the method of man’s creation is a humble one. Man was formed from the “dust of the ground.” Gen. 2:7 Appropriately related words would be: dirt, soil, ashes, jars of clay, earthen vessels. Fragile and lowly perhaps, but every person has something glorious: the breath of life from God. Every person is God-breathed.

I recall giving a teaching once, on the “three breaths of God.” Every single person has the first one, as alluded to above. Those who choose to follow Christ, are born again, breathed upon by Jesus. Jn. 20:22 It was at this juncture that His first band of disciples experienced the “second breath”, and subsequent regeneration in their spirits. The “third breath” of God was launched in the “upper room.” Acts 2:1-4 The disciples were commissioned to devote themselves to prayer and waiting on God. Unlike the first two breaths of God, this one is meant for continual renewal and experience. It was the promise of the Father, the fire and wine of the Holy Spirit, and Jesus did the pouring! Lk. 24:49 Acts 2:33 That same trio, the “us” of Genesis One, powerfully breathed upon the dust once again.

Being made in God’s image is described as being “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Ps. 139:14 Delving into a word study of “fearfully” gives us the meaning of “reverence”, while “wonderfully” elicits “uniqueness.” Considering the Artist who did the creating and knitting together. Ps. 139:13 It is clear that we carry a dignity and value that is great in God’s sight. You are respected by God and you are distinguished by Him from every other person ever created.

You are respected by God and you are distinguished by Him from every other person ever created. Share on X

Converging plot lines always make for an interesting story. While at times mysterious, God’s plan is really quite simple as well. Because sin marred the creation, we have a dual inheritance: one passed to us from Adam, the other from Christ. Here is our Godly DNA: Ezek. 36:26 Jn. 3:3 2 Cor. 5:17 We have within us the inherent ability to live godly lives. Genes control the transmission of hereditary character. There was one who came with a DNA from heaven, the “last Adam”, conceived by the Holy Spirit, in a virgin’s womb. When I received His “breath” upon my life, I became indwelt by Him. Then we have the resistance, our carnal DNA: Rom. 3:23 Gal. 3:22 Prov. 20:9 Isa. 64:6 – the inherent ability to sin. These two streams vie for expression. But there can be only One, ruler of the soul. The DNA that dominates, will rule your soul, governing your attitudes and choices in life. Contrary desires abound, on a daily basis. Gal. 5:17 Ultimately, what you feed the most, will grow the most.

Imagine this scenario: strands of DNA are switched in your body while you’re sleeping. You wake up and your nose is different, you lost three inches in height, your voice has changed, and your hair is a different color! What a conflict that would produce. That’s what gloriously happens when Adam meets Jesus. You’re a new person; life looks different; you look, sound, and act in a new way. The storyline is set: your new God DNA is looking to rule and your old Adamic DNA is looking for ways to hold its’ ground. We can actually be thankful for this conflict, as it verifies in a way, that we truly are pilgrims and strangers on this earth, citizens now of another world.

If I truly have God’s DNA, I want to increase as a carrier of His glory and not settle into a comfort zone of dullness. Thankfully, the third breath of God, the new wine of the Spirit, propels me to be a new wineskin of receptivity. The old must die and give way to the new. Let me say it this way: It will either be Adam revealed or Adam concealed. Adam revealed understands conviction, brokenness, and the crucified life. Those who abide here will discover a grand diversity of wineskins. Adam concealed hides in the shadows, content with barely enough, and missing out on the impartation of new life in God.

I love living life in partnership with God. I do my part and He does His. Phil. 2:12-13 To me it’s an honor and blessing to be invited up into the movements of His heart, and to know that He delights in me, even in my weak moments. It fills me with courage to face whatever is inside of me, to “put off” the old and to “put on” the new. Eph. 4:22-24 To successfully grow in manifesting God’s DNA, the resistance must be ruthlessly faced. In His mercy, God will bring up the worst in you, in order to bring out the best in you.

To successfully grow in manifesting God’s DNA, the resistance must be ruthlessly faced. In His mercy, God will bring up the worst in you, in order to bring out the best in you. Share on X

DNA is a fascinating reality. Again, genes control the transmission of hereditary character. We have trillions of them in our bodies, yet when compiled together, our DNA would all fit in an ice cube. Yet if every strand was unwound and connected end to end, they would reach from the earth to the sun, and back. As I see it, there’s a whole lot of God, to be unpacked in my life! The transmission from God is completely arranged; what must take place in me, is the unfolding.