Thrift Store Treasures

Thrift Store Treasures

Have you ever heard a story about a very valuable item somehow ending up in a thrift store inventory? Paintings worth thousands, a vase, a record album, a historical document, a piece of clothing that was owned by someone famous? Such as this sweater, once worn by legendary football coach Vince Lombardi. By the way, the photo featured this month is an actual picture of the thrift store in our city. And, it’s where I picked up my grey blazer for only seven dollars. No resale value, but I’ve worn it at the last several weddings that I officiated!

Searching Inventory

I recently had a thought come to me, that my spiritual journey sometimes resembles the discovery of thrift store treasures. Discovering the treasures, requires a good amount of time in browsing and sorting. Seeking to live a healthy spiritual life on a daily basis involves a similar process. I cannot plan ahead for discoveries, but I can be intentional in my devotional life and personal reflection, to increase the odds of finding treasure.

Step Four of the “AA Twelve Steps” describes it as a searching and fearless moral inventory. The goal: uncover negative thoughts, emotions, and actions that have contributed to the spiraling of their addiction, as well as direct their attention from blaming others to seeing their part in problems created. Regardless of the exact nature of our challenges in life, this is good advice.

Open Invitation Into My Story

Consider the process  of accumulation, which goes into filling those shelves and hangers. The source is a rich variety from all streams of life, even spanning generations. Likewise, the inventory in your life comes from a plethora of sources, past and present. God is working my present circumstances for His good and glory, but He is also intentional to “rework” the archives of my soul to enlarge and expand His holy and healing influence. Naturally, there IS a vulnerability risk here, but I can say with confidence that every time I have taken the risk and invited Jesus into my story, there is always an exchange in my favor.

God’s plan is to prosper our lives, while imparting a healthy focus of anticipation and an ever increasing passion to seek Him.

Keep browsing, keep sorting. You never know, what treasures are about to unfold.