God’s Amazing Design.

Discover the exciting complementary design of husband and wife in gender, personality, and Biblical roles. Learn the different brain functions and chemical factors that distinctly make us who we are. God has a plan for unity in marriage. Women need love; men need respect. This message will strengthen your marriage insights and give you compassion for your spouse.

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Overcoming the Orphan Heart

We all inherit from Adam, a “heart disconnect” or “Abba disconnect.” Alternatives: we find ways to cope, to try and fill the aching void of the father wound. False Self: we become or create, who we need to be, in order to survive. This is sometimes known as the “impostor.” Healing the father wound includes a revelation of the false self. The orphan heart cannot be cast out; it must be displaced. Through Jesus we encounter the spirit of a loving father, which begins to displace or dislocate the orphan heart. It brings a shift, a relocation, to transpose sonship onto the heart.

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Overcoming – Part One, Notes



Finding Hope in Your Pain

In reality, the deep down needs that we have are truly a gift of pain. They create the ache that causes us to search. If we refuse to be honest, refuse to explore our pain, we are actually making the choice to continue living from that place of pain and wounding. Depth of pain accessed = depth of truth established. We can then grow and increase in being “rooted and grounded.” If deep wounds remain unhealed, lies will continually re-attach themselves. That is one reason why Christians get locked into discouragement. The Word doesn’t seem to get them the results they need. The marriage relationship is meant to be a primary source of community, designed to be an environment where the heart can remain open.

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Finding Hope in Your Pain, notes


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