Vertical Marriage Seminars

God’s Amazing Design: discover the exciting complementary design of husband and wife in gender differences, personality, Biblical roles, & life experience.

Father Connect: grieving losses, overcoming trauma, healing the “Abba disconnect”, becoming authentic, receiving deliverance from the “false self.”

Holiness: God’s Purpose in Marriage: being conformed to God’s image is the primary goal in both personal and marital life. This message addresses: humility, repentance, spiritual intimacy, and covenant.

Managing Conflict: explore the true source of conflict, types of conflict, and tools to overcome weariness in marriage.

Marriage that Endures the Storms: remaining a “living sacrifice” on the altar while your marriage is being shaken. “The marriage refined in the fire becomes a prophetic voice to the world system.”

Personality/Temperaments Overview – covers the basic aspects of the four temperaments. This teaching can be used in conjunction with participants filling out the personality questionnaire.

Sexuality in Marriage – explores a proper theology of sexual intimacy and the spiritual and emotional components of physical intimacy.

Submitting to One Another – this message examines Biblical roles from Ephesians chapter 5. Also: enduring the process of pruning; bearing reproach in your marriage; finding your life by losing it.

Winning the Battle: – the enemy is not your spouse, how to be equipped with the armor of God, recognize and take authority over false agreements.

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We have also customized our seminars to include messaging for single adults.