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Are We Ready for Marriage? This is a question asked by many singles as they ponder marriage. It is also a question asked by many who are married, feeling overwhelmed by the challenge, and wondering if they made the right decision.

A decision of great magnitude requires great consideration. Jesus made this clear to the multitudes that followed Him: “If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be My disciple” (Lk. 14:26). This is the essence of being joined to Christ. He must become the transcendent object of love among all of our relationships.

His instruction is to “count the cost” before deciding. The two parables of Jesus’ following this passage serve as an illustration (Lk. 14:28–33). One: before you build a tower be sure you have access to all the materials you will need to complete it. Two: before going to war consider your military resources, measured against those of your enemy.

Are we ready to count the cost of what it takes to build a marriage over decades? Are we ready to consider whether we have the strength to stand against the army of darkness that will come against our marriage union? Are we aware that the strength will come only when our relationship with Christ is prioritized above all?

A covenant pledge to Christ is not to be entered into lightly. In like manner, choosing to spend the rest of our earthly days in a marriage covenant with one person requires a skillful and wise decision-making process.




Vertical Marriage (Portuguese Edition)





Every marriage must choose its world. Marriage invested in the age to come will reap the greatest return in this age. Being a Christian married to a Christian will not automatically mean that your marriage will be a God centered one. It is imperative that we intentionally pursue the gold that God is developing through our marriage union and see beyond the rewards and blessings of this life, into the age to come. Longing for Eden is a call to come up higher. It contains solid marriage principles to help couples renew and singles prepare.

A Small Group Study Guide (covering all 14 chapters) is included with 170 questions designed for individual couples or small groups to study together.



“Longing for Eden will inspire you to: persevere in challenging seasons, be renewed in vision, and make the radical heart decisions unto a healthy marriage.”
-From the Foreword by Mike Bickle, Director IHOP-KC

“Mike is a great, longtime friend; and I have heard consistently from others that the Rizzo’s ministry to marriages is highly effective. I wasn’t disappointed, and you won’t be either. This book is like a guided 14-course banquet. Each chapter is like a new platter delivered to your table.”
-Bob Sorge, Author of Secrets of the Secret Place

“Longing for Eden gives an eternal vision for marriage, unlocking keys to the mystery of the marriage between Christ and His bride. Whether you’re newly married or a seasoned couple, this book will strengthen, challenge, and encourage you in your marriage.”
-Justin Rizzo, Worship Leader

“A must-read for all married or engaged couples.  Mike Rizzo gives practical and amazingly helpful insights into what it looks like to live your married life in light of eternity. No matter your age or where you are on your marital journey, ‘Longing for Eden’ will offer you a treasury of knowledge and godly counsel.”
-Matt Gilman, Worship Leader

Longing for Eden (Spanish Edition)